The Pergola Specialist

CSS, HTML, Web Design, WordPress

The Pergola Specialist approached me to design and build a website that they could take full control over and allow their own staff to maintain the website on-going. Utilising the WordPress platform, I delivered a website solution that is both user-friendly and visually appealing, and also built from scratch specifically to their requirements (no generic templates).

FURIA Athletica

CSS, HTML, Photography, Web Design, WordPress

End-to-end e-commerce website build for FURIA Athletica. I was involved in every step of developing this website, from conceptualisation to mock up designs to coding. Read more…

Roster Portal Webs Design

Roster Portal

CSS, HTML, Web Design, WordPress

Understanding the importance of first impressions, Roster Portal asked us to update their website to a clean, fun and modern design to compliment their leading edge rostering platform. Read more…


CSS, HTML, WordPress

Taking designs already produced by the client, I completed all the front end development for the Tacitly public website Read more…

Ooralea Education and Care Centre

CSS, HTML, Web Design, WordPress

We were approached by Dandelion Group to develop a website that could be replicated and rolled out across their many childcare centres around Australia. Read more…


CSS, HTML, Web Design, WordPress

In addition to being involved in designing and building Ubookdirect’s booking platform, I’ve designed and developed their public-facing corporate site. Read more…


CSS, HTML, Web Design, WordPress

Being given full creative reign over the ENEMI brand, I designed and built their online store from the ground up to put the focus entirely on the products while maintaining an intuitive and functional user experience. Read more…

Tweed Golf Carts website

Tweed Golf Carts

CSS, Graphic Design, HTML, Logo Design, Web Design, WordPress

Clean, modern website design for Tweed Golf Carts. By building this site on WordPress, the client is able to add new golf carts, add new accessories and edit all content via their admin area.

Brochure Mock Front Cover

Exchange Travel

CSS, Graphic Design, HTML, Illustration, Logo Design, Web Design, WordPress

Exchange Travel has engaged us on a consistent basis to look after their graphic design, web design, front end dev and UI/UX. Although the client is a Gold Coast based company, we work remotely from Melbourne, but closely with the team, via Skype. Read more…

Web Design Scion

Scion Vineyard

CSS, HTML, Shopify, Web Design

We helped Scion Vineyard customise their Shopify online store; modifying the HTML and CSS to tweak the site beyond the limits of the Shopify theme.

Collective Agency

CSS, HTML, Web Design, WordPress

Collective Agency approached us to create a website focused on minimalism and functionality and reflected the nature of the brand. The website is fully responsive Read more…

Fearless Training Web Design

Fearless Training

CSS, HTML, Web Design, WordPress

Using WordPress as a foundation, the Fearless Training website was built as a platform to share knowledge and information about fitness and nutrition. Read more…

Smek Design

CSS, HTML, Web Design, WordPress

In keeping with the contemporary style of the client’s own projects, the website for Smek Design was purposefully designed with minimalism, geometry and functionality in mind. Read more…