Primal Food Web Design

Primal Food

Graphic Design, Logo Design, Web Design

Primal Food is a company based in Melbourne who provide convenient and healthy pre-cooked meals to help busy people achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. Read more…

FURIA Athletica

Graphic Design, Logo Design

Branding for upcoming athletic wear label. I’ve also been trusted with product design and website design/development.

Fácil Blanco Dubai

Business Card, Graphic Design, Logo Design

Fácil Blanco is an emerging high-end fashion label based out of Dubai who specialise in white linen apparel. I was trusted to create their full branding package which included: logo, business cards, letterhead, flyers, stickers, clothing tags and complete style guide documentation.

Buffalo Sears

Graphic Design, Logo Design

Building on the original Buffalo Sears menu, I modified the design to communicate a more positive fun vibe, while maintaining a underlying American style.


Graphic Design, Logo Design

Logo design and branding for upcoming Gold Coast based software development firm.

Literacy Planet

Graphic Design, Logo Design

The LiteracyPlanet logo was designed using two different fonts as a typographic base, from which individual letters were tweaked to create the finished product. Read more…

Tweed Golf Carts website

Tweed Golf Carts

CSS, Graphic Design, HTML, Logo Design, Web Design, WordPress

Clean, modern website design for Tweed Golf Carts. By building this site on WordPress, the client is able to add new golf carts, add new accessories and edit all content via their admin area.

Brochure Mock Front Cover

Exchange Travel

CSS, Graphic Design, HTML, Illustration, Logo Design, Web Design, WordPress

Exchange Travel has engaged us on a consistent basis to look after their graphic design, web design, front end dev and UI/UX. Although the client is a Gold Coast based company, we work remotely from Melbourne, but closely with the team, via Skype. Read more…

Gramercy Santa Fe Business Cards

Gramercy Santa Fe

Business Card, Graphic Design, Logo Design

Gramercy Santa Fe, a Gold Coast based property development company, approached us to create a professional and elegant brand image to convey the style and values of the company. Read more…

Float Logo


Graphic Design, Logo Design

Float is an exciting new platform that allows brokers to get their products to market quicker and easier while maintaining full control. In the early stages of the start up phase, we’ve been trusted to begin building the brand image of the company and its products. Read more…

Buffalo Sears

Graphic Design, Logo Design

Menu design for Buffalo Sears — brand new Gold Coast restaurant located in Burleigh. This was the original menu design. The most recent design can be found here.

Pottsville Medical Centre

Graphic Design, Logo Design

Working with some preliminary ideas from the client, this logo was designed around expressing feelings of health, family and community. Read more…

Matt Ward Vocal Studios

Business Card, Graphic Design, Logo Design

Working closely with the client, the business card and logo designs were crafted over many iterations to ensure the best design was achieved to represent the business. Read more…

Enemi Inc.

Graphic Design, Illustration, Product Design

Enemi Inc. is a startup fashion label, focusing on bold, artistic street wear. In addition to solely designing the company’s branding and website needs, I have enjoyed being involved in the product design Read more…

Coco's Gym

Graphic Design, Logo Design

Coco’s Gym is a powerlifting and strong man gym on the Gold Coast. The client liked the idea of using a minotaur as the gym’s ‘mascot’, and thus the logo centred around this concept. Read more…

Enemi Inc.®

Business Card, Graphic Design, Logo Design

The challenge with the Enemi Inc. business card design was to keep it consistent with the look and feel of the product Read more…


Graphic Design, Logo Design

This was a logo redesign for Intrepica to keep the brand fresh and on par with its flagship product LiteracyPlanet. Read more…

Fearless Training

Business Card, Graphic Design, Logo Design

Incorporating the strong branding developed for Fearless Training, the business cards featured a clean and minimal design. Rather than add embellishments to’ dress up’ the card, I wanted the brand to do the talking and be the focus of the card. Read more…

Teschner Technologies Group

Graphic Design, Logo Design

This design was an entry in a logo design competition held by the company to generate plenty of options and ensure the best possible branding for the business. My logo was the winning entry.

Mr Wolf & K.

Graphic Design, Logo Design

The Mr Wolf & K. logo was a fun design utilising symmetry and geometric shapes. Following the minimalistic nature of the wolf graphic, the typography simply features the Helvetica Bold typeface with reduced kerning.

Alla Moda Photography

Graphic Design, Logo Design

With the client wanting to focus more towards fashion photography, the Alla Moda logo design features an ultra-light and elegant typeface. The original font was also modified by skewing the A’s to create a unique and modern feel. The overall design was made a little more dynamic by contrasting the sans-serif font of “Alla Moda” with the serif font of “Photography”.