Project Information

Tattoo-Inspired Women’s Shoes for Enemi Inc.

Enemi Inc. is a startup fashion label, focusing on bold, artistic street wear. In addition to solely designing the company’s branding and website needs, I have enjoyed being involved in the product design, creating the artwork for these unique women’s high heel shoes. The style is influenced by tattoo art and balances contrasting graphical elements (such as skulls and cupcakes). The purposeful colour scheme, focusing on pinks, greens and blues, plays a major role in the aesthetic appeal of the product and aligning it with the tastes of the target market. Overall, the main goal was to create an exclusive style that will not go unnoticed, forming a solid foundation for future product ranges and creating a recognisable identity for the brand.

The company will initially focus on womens high heel shoes. However, the goal is to quickly expand the range to include bags, wallets, tops, skirts, pants, sunglasses, and other apparel and accessories. These products will feature similar styles to the pictured shoes (to maintain brand consistency) but also evolve artistically to stay fresh and push creative limits. To stay in the loop with Enemi Inc., you can check out the website and subscribe to the mailing list.