Project Information

Web Design for Men’s Fitness

This mock up website design was for a new product by Men’s Fitness Magazine. The design focuses on big and bold page elements to convey a sense of masculinity, while maintaining a clean, structured layout that gets straight to the point. Embellishments are kept to a minimum, allowing the photographic elements to provide the visual impact and deliberately fill the screen, rather than being centred on the page. While remaining consistent with the client’s brand, the colour scheme also adds to the masculine feel of the site, ensuring the design aligns with the target demographic.

The design of the site allows for easy adaptation for mobile and tablet devices, where the page structure can collapse nicely into a single column layout. This kind of ‘responsive’ design is an extremely important aspect of modern websites and is something I build into nearly all web design projects.

Please note, all information, imagery and pricing is purely for mock up purposes and is not representative of the product itself.

Client: Men's Fitness
Services: Web Design